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You all know the meaning of content writing in this digital era. We always tend to forget the meaning between content writing and content strategy. 

Content writing is the process of creating content that is distinctive, editing it, and publishing it. 

Whereas content strategy is the process of planning and executing the content for a website or a series of websites or episode writing.

While planning the content we need to do thorough research on the topic which involves a 70:30 ratio. Let me elaborate, if you are writing an article or on any topic, you first need to research the topic and note down the important points. Then comes the writing part which will be flawless if you know the topic well. So, before you start writing you must research the topic well in advance. 

While writing the content we should always keep in mind the following 5 steps. 

Step 1: The writing should be very simple. 

You must have a story to tell. Whether it’s about the funny thing someone said, the sad moment someone close to you passed away, or the crazy thing you did last weekend, a good story is able to draw people in and keep them entertained. But the important is how simply you can express it. How easily do people understand your story, here comes the use of simple sentences. If you use words like "sesquipedalian", then most of us will not understand. Instead, if we use the word "long" many of us will understand. So try to keep your sentences as simple as possible and to the point.


Step 2: Empathy 

The feelings of a person should be well-understood when it comes to the topic for which the article will be written. The primary audience is the person it is intended for. The article should be written in such a way that the person would actually read it, and not simply skim it. 


Step 3: Creativity 

Now you can’t write which people will get bored off. You need to write something which will grab people’s attention and they will continue to read it. You need to write in a way creative and funny way. 


Step 4: Research skills 

This is a must-have to start writing anything. You must always write after researching the topic well and there are many topics which we are not aware of. So you need to write after thorough research and that should be flawless. As I mentioned earlier, research is a very must requirement when you are writing any topic.


Step 5: Passion for writing

You must need to have a passion for writing or else you will get stressed out after two or three weeks. You must love writing so you can enjoy your work. 

So when you put it all together and write for a business then content strategy comes in place.

Content strategy is about developing the content consumers need to see to gain awareness about what your brand stands for, what products to offer, and how to position your brand in the market.

While writing content for the business it is a must to understand the funnel. 

For the awareness stage, if the company is in you must focus on giving information about the products in a creative way so that the customers are keen to check the products and they should come back again to recheck them. 


Now if a customer is coming back frequently then he or she is interested in the product then the content should have a punch line that he or she is pushed to the last funnel, yes the purchase stage. 

Now there are a few exceptions here too, where they add the products to their carts and do not buy them. Here comes email marketing where regular email at a regular interval should be sent or through AI we need to show the ads from their cart on social media to lead them to buy the product. 

So the content should be engaging enough for the person to know about the brand and consider the product and end up buying it. The key is the content of the product and it leads to sales. 

Businesses have an obligation to create a long-term strategy to (i) develop unique content that is both engaging and meaningful, and, (ii) make the best use of the content that they have available.

Content strategy planning is an essential aspect of content marketing in today’s saturated digital marketing landscape. If done effectively, it can be used to identify unique opportunities and market differentiation and to help refine a content plan to improve the quality, usefulness, and relevancy of a particular piece of content for a specific audience and purpose.

As businesses grow, they often face challenges in planning marketing strategies and content for their website.

For many content strategy deliverables, these visual assets are the bread and butter of a strong, strategic content strategy. These visual assets must be able to convey the content and services your business offers, while also staying true to your brand identity and values.

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